Quality Policy

Amitha Nature’s Nest ensures you get the best out of every property and home. Our primary aim not only lies in building aspiring properties but also direct on to fulfill the needs of our people and customers. It is the thought that strives us to give you the quality and consistency in our offerings. The quality statement and policies below applies to all work and activities which are endeavored within the company.

  • The very first thing- Quality is not a compromise at Amitha

  • It is our strong commitment to giving the best service in fulfilling every expectation of our people in terms of quality.

  • Work effectively in providing the most affordable and sustainable properties.

  • Follow the latest construction techniques and quality standards to give best values on investments.

  • To emphasize on the best practices and measures to develop eco-friendly properties.

  • We strongly believe in our purpose of creating and delivering the homes as per the customer satisfactions with great pride.

  • We conform and identify all the needs and expectations of our customers

  • The errors if any of the cases would be identified and will have immediate actions to overcome them.

  • We effectively understand and are well trained in all aspects to maintain and implement the objectives and policies.

  • The plans and operations within the company will be in accordance with the quality policies.

  • We hereby declare the quality policy statement to be true with respect to our practices and also review it as and when required, thereby you agree you will follow up with the same.